Word/Excel development

Microsoft Word and Excel can be excellent applications in the right hands. Perhaps you have an idea but are not sure where to start. Stuck half way through creating a formula? Need training? David and Mark, our specialists, can help.

Microsoft Excel

Sometimes Excel is used when it may not be the most suitable tool - one may need a bigger hammer! We can offer advice as to whether Excel is correct for your task or suggest alternatives if not.

If required, documentation can be provided for the user to be able to maintain the solution. As well as building solutions we can help to improve existing documents by applying the techniques below:

  • Structure data for ease of maintenance and to allow expansion
  • Use reference data to reduce repetition
  • Utilise built-in Excel functionality to display results such as;
  • Tables
  • Charts
  • Pivot charts
  • Use reasonably straightforward, yet powerful formulas to build solutions
  • Use conditional formatting to highlight cells of interest
  • Help to maintain data integrity by;
  • Applying validation
  • Protecting cells/sheets/workbooks
  • Customise macros to automate processes and improve efficiency

Microsoft Word

Word is a simple tool to use, but over time regularly edited documents can get out of control if not set up correctly. Some issues that can cause a document to look unprofessional and difficult to manage are:

  • Multiple fonts
  • Mis-aligned text
  • Page breaks in the wrong places
  • Irregular line spacing
  • Inaccurate tables of contents

For high use documents, a standard layout can be set using a template which gives a consistently formatted, professional looking document every time. The following are some of the features that can be incorporated:

  • Styles to be able to easily maintain formats and generate tables of contents
  • Widow/orphan controls to manage dynamic page breaks
  • Headers and footers
  • Tab controls to align text
  • Mix page orientation within a document (portrait to and from landscape)

Other tasks that can be supported include:

  • Take a corrupted or untidy document, improve its appearance and apply styles to return a document that can be maintained efficiently
  • Tracking changes
  • Mail merge

Word and Excel Training can be provided to suit all abilities. For more information on our Word/Excel services, or to arrange a consultation, contact us.


The training was very helpful, Mark answered all our questions. We learnt about formulas, filters, conditional formatting, pivot tables and more ways to be efficient at excel 5*s

The training was good. A lot made sense today. A lot can be found in Excel after you know how to do it. I liked the Tutor he explained very well. Pivot tables will be very useful for us. The formulas make sense too

Mark was very good with his training. It was good training and to refresh my memory. Good explanation and answered everyone’s questions very well

I found the training really informative. Mark allowed me to show him Excel files that I actually use and work on and taught me new skills to improve these, which was great as I felt using relevant data helped me learn quicker. He was friendly and it was nice that you felt like you could ask him any question, even if you were worried that it felt silly. I definitely learnt a lot today so thank-you for organising :)